Energy Prise Rises Revisited

Energy Prices Revisited

It’s only been a few months since we last spoke about energy price rises. A lot has changed since then, energy prices have continued to rise to record highs. We last spoke about what a tenant could do to save energy, but what can you do as an inventory clerk to help reduce a landlord’s bill during tenancies?

Turn Off Lights – you have to turn on lights during your inspection to test and provide more light for photography but turn off lights as you leave a room not at the end of a report.

Turn Off Lights

Turn Down The Thermostat – an empty home doesn’t need to be heated, by reducing the temperature to 10 to 12 degrees, you will help stop any potential pipe freezing while reducing costs.

Turn Down Thermostat

Close All Windows And Doors – something we advise for security reasons by closing windows and doors. The property will heat up, quicker reducing the need for a boiler to be on for an extended amount of time.

Close All Windows

Turning Off Appliances – Turning off appliances will not save a huge amount of energy. A clock on the oven is still using something.

WARNING do not turn off a fridge / freezer or risk defrosted water damaging the floor. Be careful not to turn off the boiler.

Turn Off Appliances

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