Before and After Check-Out

Helping Speed Up Deposit Returns

Property Managers are the lifeblood of any estate agent. Without them, negotiators wouldn’t have time to find properties or tenants to fill them. Everything would grind to a halt. Property Managers are also the key to doing business with any client, you might get a meeting with the lettings manager then the area manager then the lettings director but if the property management team don’t like something you do, then they will and can pull the plug. They are the people you work with every day; they book inspections, forward on emails from tenants, and deal with a tenants deposit. 

Therefore, we developed the Before & After Check-Out. It saves Property Managers up to 80% of their time when dealing with deposits and also it looks great.

It’s simple to use. Create the Inventory or Inventory & Check-In at the beginning of any tenancy and when the time comes for the tenant to leave, just download it to your device and copy it to a new Check-Out. That’s it, 4 clicks and you’re ready to perform the Check-Out inspection like any other report.

Extra Reports

To help property managers, landlords, maintenance teams and cleaners, we also provide reports highlighting specific areas and responsibilities. These are available on your dashboard. Just select the report you want to view from the drop down menu.

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