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Electric Vehicles Chargers (New Laws For New Builds)

The government has a target to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. But as we all know, this can’t work without a major overhaul of electric charging points across the country. To help combat this issue, the government has introduced a new law for EV chargers to be installed on all new builds.

150,000 EV Chargers Per Year

This isn’t just a law for the big developers of new homes, this is all new buildings. New office = EV charger, new shop = EV charger, new homes = EV charger. There is even the possibility this law will affect major renovation works to existing buildings. This could create up to an extra 150,000 EV chargers per year.

How Much Do EV Chargers Cost?

Though all new buildings will require a developer to install an EV Charger, they can be installed retrospectively on any property. The government will at some point bringing in laws for all buildings, no matter their age, to require one. But in the meantime, it’s up to the homeowner.

EDF: From £949

Halfords: From £1200

Smart Home Charge: From £852

How Much To Charge A Electric Vehicle

At the time of writing this article we are in one of the worst energy price / fuel / cost of rising rises our generation has ever seen and I hope will never see again. So me telling you how much it might cost will probably change quicker than I take to finish this sentence. After all, last week it cost £81 to fill up my diesel car and yesterday it was £87.

We do know that charging at home vs charging on public chargers is and will always be cheaper from home. But based on a London to Brighton drive (55 miles) and the average medium hatchback electric car using 20.39kWh per 62 miles with an average UK cost of electricity being 0.28 kWh, it would cost somewhere around £6 for the round trip. 

Reduce The Cost Of Charging Your Vehicle

With Stashbee, you can rent out your driveway and EV Charger. Think of it as an AirBnB for your driveway.

Inventory Clerks & EV Chargers

As an inventory clerk, we are not qualified to test EV chargers, though most inventory clerks may turn an appliance on and off to test if it has power we can’t really test any appliance fully. With this in mind, we recommend only performing a visual inspection of EV chargers. Add observations for cracks, fraying and weathering to your Professional Inventories produced report.

To help you speed up this process, we have added an EV Charger to our already comprehensive dictionary. Just log in to your Admin Dashboard and press Default Dictionary Reset. Once complete, open your Professional Inventories App > Settings > Synchronize Data. Now when we are at our next property, we can add an EV Charger to any inspection area, though we suggest you don’t add it to a bedroom. 


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