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Gas Meter

Energy Prices Rises

Energy prices are increasing, meaning anyone not on a fixed tariff will be suffering. It will surprise you how high this number could be. Many consumers have allowed their tariff to switch from fixed to standard while they find a new property. But with a global pandemic and a shortage of stock being reported by …

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Understanding Property Investment

Warning – This is not financial advice. Always seek professional consultation whenever making investment decisions.   As an inventory clerk, you work with many people, some of whom are property investors, career landlords or estate agents. As a business owner in the housing industry, understanding the housing market comes as part of the job. We …

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Tenant or Landlord Responsibility

One of the many additional features of Professional Inventories App is the Landlord and Tenant Responsibility reports. These reports allow you and your client to view issues related to a landlord or tenant. Inventory Clerks decide responsibility when inspecting, but who is responsible? Each observation has various situations where responsibility is clear cut, others that …

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Property Photos

Property Photography

Photography is a core component of any report that an inventory clerk conducts. Photos allow the reader to see the problem you are trying to describe, a picture paints a thousand words after all. Photos from your reports won’t make very good marketing material but knowing the basics of property photography will give you an …

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Mid Terms

Mid Term Property Visits

It has been over a year since the last Mid Term Inspection took place, now that restrictions are slowly being eased many us, landlords and agents will want to start getting the backlog done. Mid Terms are an extremely important part of a tenancy, this is the opportunity for the landlord to check that the …

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Breathing Space

The Debt Respite Scheme or Breathing Space legislation has now came into effect as of May 2021, This legislation aims to help those who are in debt to secure a period of time pausing most enforcement and contact from creditors, this includes no interest or charges on effected debt There are 2 types of breathing …

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Market House

New Offices For Professional Inventories App

After over 13 months of hard work complicated by lockdowns our building team have finally completed the new office re-fit We are extremely pleased with the result and as soon as we can safely access the offices and work as a team we will.

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