Top 5 Cleaning Issues Found In Properties

Top 5 Cleaning Issues Found In Properties

We have all been guilty of missing something when we clean our own properties, finding a piece of Christmas tree under the sofa mid January has become a tradition.

That’s why it’s always best to hire a professional to do the end of tenancy clean, tenants have enough stress with the move without having to worry if they remembered to clean inside the microwave. Yes it costs money but in my experience it makes the deposit return easier and new tenants happier.

Below we have listed a few areas that tenants and landlords miss when they clean the property themselves.

Kitchen Unit Tops

Out of sight out of mind, clerks can use their tablet as a periscope to check this area

Dirty Kitchen Unit Top

Limescale Behind Taps

Though the front of the taps might be clean always check the rear, it is often missed and limescale builds up requiring several cleans

Limescale On Tap

Dusty Blinds

You don’t clean in the dark, blinds are raised while cleaning and can be often overlooked

Dusty Blinds

Dishwasher Edges & Hinges

Dishwashers are close to the ground so we often don’t realise that the odd drop of coffee, food waste have splashed onto the hinges and require cleaning

Dirty Dishwasher Hinge

Inside A Radiator

It might be the last thing on your mind but radiators gather lots of dust, dirt and cobwebs. Using a vacuum cleaner hose can clear this up quickly and easily,

Dirty Radiator

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