To Check-In Or Not To Check-In, That Is The Question

It has been set in stone over the past few years that a new tenants require a physical Check-In on their first day of tenancy. This is a great way for the agent or the appointed inventory company to show them around again, and be on hand to answer any questions. It’s a great service that many agents see as something that puts them ahead of the rest. And they are right, having someone who knows the property is a great way of explaining the little things like when bins need to be put out, how to use the heating, where to find the appliance manuals and where are the utility meters.

But with the Tenant Fee Ban and what covid has shown us, are they required every time with every tenant?

First of all Check-In’s cost money, not the tenant but the agent them selves or the landlord would be required to pay for this service.

Secondly you have to be very careful not to give the tenant any incorrect information, this is why IPIC advise not to show a tenant how to use an appliance but to show them where the manuals are inside the property or advise them to request copies from the landlord, agent or internet.

With advances in the Professional Inventories App you can now perform remote Check-Ins. Information in regards to meters and manuals (if present) are included in the inventory report, the Room Thermostat Control location and even clear photos of keys and what locks they are used in is all provided.

Tenants receive an email with the ability to update, upload photos and sign the report straight to their email. This was created in response to the Covid pandemic and allowed clerks and agents to continue working where possible all the while being able to reduce contact.

Many agents will still see a need for physical Check Ins and we applaud your level of service but for the agent looking to be able to cut costs a simple key collection from the office and remote check in is perfect.

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