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Mid Term Property Visits

It has been over a year since the last Mid Term Inspection took place, now that restrictions are slowly being eased many us, landlords and agents will want to start getting the backlog done.

Mid Terms are an extremely important part of a tenancy, this is the opportunity for the landlord to check that the property is kept in a good condition and for the tenant to show the same. Many of us have found a way to do Mid Terms remotely which has been brilliant and useful for all involved. But nothing will truly replace an impartial clerk physically inspecting the property.

But Why?

A tenant can easily rush through a room, I have seen it happen on multiple occasions where I have asked the tenant to go back, point the camera at a particular corner etc and they obviously don’t want to. There are so many reasons why the tenant may not want to show you a particular area and most of them are completely innocent but that’s not the point of the inspection. Only a physical visit can truly stop this issue 

As an inventory clerk it would be up to you to use your impartiality to look around a property to see it’s condition and use.

What You Should Do? Communicate

  • Get permission to take photos, it can be surprising how many people refuse. If a tenant says no I will always ask if I would at least be able to photograph fire safety devices (Extinguishers, Some Detectors, etc) and any issues like mould. Quite often tenants don’t want photos of their personal belongings so a close up photo above the window will be fine
  • Due to the pandemic people can be nervous so always wear your mask, and always ask. Ask the tenant to turn on lights, to open doors. The less you touch the better
  • Alway ask if the tenant wants to add something to the report and then add it no matter how big or small, this shows you are impartial, there to help

Do you have any Mid Term tips? Let us know

Stay Safe

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