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Tenant or Landlord Responsibility

One of the many additional features of Professional Inventories App is the Landlord and Tenant Responsibility reports. These reports allow you and your client to view issues related to a landlord or tenant.

Inventory Clerks decide responsibility when inspecting, but who is responsible?

Each observation has various situations where responsibility is clear cut, others that are not. For example, properties professionally cleaned at Check-In should have cleaning issues assigned to the tenant at Check-Out.

But if the tenant repaints a bedroom or there’s a leak? It comes down to communication.

  • Was permission requested and granted?
  • Were there any restrictions? EG: Paint colour or finish.
  • Was it done by a professional?
  • Was the issue reported in a timely manner?

In most cases, they may not inform an Inventory Clerk of everything that has occurred during the tenancy or the contents of a tenancy agreement.

You are not party to the going on of the tenancy from day to day; it is down to the Property Manager, Landlord and Tenant to communicate on any issues or changes in the property. An Inventory Clerk will document all issues and changes no matter what, even if it is obviously not a tenants fault.

Example: Water-Stained Ceiling

It’s very unlikely a water fight caused this damage. A leak from the upstairs flat was most likely the cause. If the tenant reported this leak in a timely manner, allowing the landlord to fix the issue. Then the tenants are not responsible, but if tenants never reported the issue, tenants might be liable for a portion of the cost.

Example: Repainted Bedroom

At Check-In Bedroom 1 was white but on Check-Out is grey. Unless informed, the Inventory Clerk does not know who painted the room, or if the Landlord granted permission. All you can do is document the facts. Someone repainted the room with minor over painting to the skirting board in places.

Responsibility is not always clear unless you have all the facts, you can only give your own option, many of our users document all issues at Check-In as a landlord responsibility, which in most cases is true, tenants can’t be responsible for an issue when their contract hasn’t started or they haven’t taken residence. At Check-Out they document all observations where it is not obvious as both Landlord and Tenant.

It is always best to ask before attending a property to gather information to allow you to make informed decisions. Don’t get caught out.

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