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Professional Inventories have developed an industry leading secure inventory reports database with anytime / anywhere access to clients. We will get straight to the point and list its features, then waffle a bit afterwards:

To Log In or to register for access to the your secure Data Base click here.



All Reports Always The Data base will always have available all reports produced for your company from day one you set up an account with Professional Inventories no matter when they were produced.
24/7 Anywhere Access

Reports can be accessed from any device (Smart Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop, Crome Book etc), thats connected to the internet running any software (Windows, IOS, Android, Google Crome, Jelly Bean etc), with PDF reader software, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need is a user name and password.

To download a free Adobe PDF reader for all platforms click here:

User Registration All employees within your business who need access (from 1 to any amount), are sent a link that will set them up for access to your secure reports data base. It will take 60 seconds to register - Its that simple.
Reports common sense & easy to read

All companies, Agents, Landlords have different access needs so we offer a range of Log On options:

Single User - Same User Name & Password for everyone if the office - Simple to set up BUT - Do you want an employee to have access to your reports and client names and property details when they leave your company? All log in details would have to change.

Multiple User everyone has there own individual USERNAME AND PASSWORD. This is the most secure option for if someone leaves your company their access is terminated with a click of the mouse without effecting other users in your business. Also if an employee is sick, on leave or AWOL all other users can still log on without disruption to the working day.

Search Reports For many clients we produce hundreds / thousands of reports for each year so we have a quick and easy search tool to locate the report you want - FAST!
Event Log

Very useful for tracking events surrounding reports, this includes:

  1. Date and Time stamp of when a report (original or update) is loaded into your account.
  2. Date and time stamp of when report is emailed to a third party, i.e. Landlord.
  3. Date and time stamp for when report was emailed to the tenants - Great for confirmation that the tenant has been sent report so the FIVE or SEVEN day rule for report challenges can start.
  4. Date and time stamp of when a Tenant opens report - Great for confirmation that the tenant has received and opened report so the FIVE or SEVEN day rule for report challenges can start. Will also log every date / time the report is opened no matter how many times.
  5. User Log In - date and time stamped so you can who has logged in and when.
Report Distribution

Reports can be read, emailed, download, saved or sent to a third party direct from the Data base by any of your registered users.

We even have a tracking system that informs you of the Date and Time a tenant opens a report.

How do we do this? You can ask but its a Commercially guarded secret.

To Log In or to register for access to the your secure Data Base click here.

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