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When we were discussing how to best convey the content and features of our reports when designing this page, the phrase “A picture paints a thousand words” came to mind.

So true to this phrase we thought that the actual examples of our reports would be the best way to impart their features. To this end we have examples of our reports and what each represents and why and its chronological place in the report cycle.

But what makes our reports better then our competitors? For a start our reports are considerably more detailed with an average report for a two bedroom unfurnished flat being 70 to 90 pages long with 250+ photographs against our competitors reports of 30 to 40 pages and circa 30 photographs for a like for like property.

Next we layout our reports in an easy to read “Story Book” method which means the item description photographs and damages are all on the same page not like our competitors who have pages and pages of thin text and then a block of 20 or so photographs at the end of the report. This means with their reports you have to keep flicking back and forth back and forth between text and photos.

Finally we do not use abbreviations only RHS - Right Hand Side and LHS Left Hand Side. Commonly our competitors have a whole page dedicated to the meaning of the 40 plus abbreviations they use, making their reports read like a Chinese puzzle - very time consuming and laborious.

These points coupled with the fact we deliver all reports same day no matter what time we leave the property, makes for the best reports and service in the industry.

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All Reports Can Be Delivered In Over 58+ Languages

Professional Inventories is the first and only Inventory company in the World to offer all of its reports in multiple languages.

Life, no matter where you live is multi-cultural, so we have developed an inventory report service to meet this need.The Inventory Clerk could be English, the agent Russian, the Landlord Gujaraty and the tenants a mixed house share of Polish, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Latvian, Korean and Thai. Professional inventories can translate the report into the Mother language of all tenants so they can easily read it, no matter what the base language used, and still deliver the original report and all the translated versions same day!

Languages include:
“Afrikans, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonia, Filipino, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hakka, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Italian Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay / Indonesian, Nepalese, Northern Min / Simplified Chinese, Persian / Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovac, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Turkman, Ukrainian"

Report Cycle:


Inventory & Check In Report

The inventory is the most in-depth report produced by the Clerk and will detail succinctly every item in the property from ceiling to floor, all fixed items - doors, handles, walls, windows, switches, sockets, coving, curtains, blinds loose furnishing, appliances etc in fact everything you see.

The format we have devised over the last 25 years + is as follows. This is an ongoing process, it grows and develops daily, weekly monthly, yearly from input from tenants, Landlords, Agents, changes in legislation and results from disputes cases, improved working practices and technology. We never rest on our laurels.

The Key basic areas of a report must include the following:


Inspection date
Inspection address
Property type
Client name


Level of furnishings - Furnished, Part Furnished, Un-Furnished.
Security features installed
Stopcock location - Important for emergencies especially in flats.
Meter Readings (As part of the Check In)
Will include Water, Gas, Electricity, Oil, Solar power.
Date meter read
Type of meter - Tariff or Prepay
Location of the meter
Serial number of the meter
Physical reading of the meter
Close up photograph of the meter to avoid disputes and errors
Keys (As part of the Check In)
Key type - Yale, Mortice, Remote, security etc
Lock location key fits into - Front door, rear door, patio door, front garage door
Location to include, if more then one lock in door which lock it is - Upper lock, middle lock, lower lock etc
Number of that particular keys issued / received
Comments - To help - key found in back door placed in upper kitchen drawer for security
Photographs of all individual keys so reader can see each key type and confirm the number signed over to tenants. This also stop inferior keys being returned.

Example: High security locks common on Communal entry doors cost circa £90.00 each to be recut. Photographing the keys individually stops an inferior recut key costing £5.00 being passed off as an genuine security key.

Details smoke, CO2 alarms, window lock keys, PAT and Gas Safe certificates found in property.
State of cleanliness
A snap shot of the main property areas and appliances. Full cleanliness of each property item will be detailed in the main report as they appear.


List of all interior rooms

We detail the rooms from right to left
We add room locations to avoid confusion

You will mainly have several bedrooms, we list them as follows:
Bedroom 1 - Front RHS
Bedroom 2 - Front LHS
Bedroom 3 - Rear

Multiple Stairs and Landings can be confusing so we list as follows:
Stairs & Landing 1 - Ground floor to First Floor
Stairs & Landing 2 - First Floor to Attic

List of exterior areas

We list these areas in a chronological system:

Front garden and or driveway will always be the first inspection areas.
Interior rooms
Rear garden and garage the last inspection areas

List of all individual room items fixed and loose

Once the room layout is established we then populate each individual room with ALL its individual items. These item are describe in full with observations (problems). The room item descriptions should follow the same format for each item within the property to promote professionalism, easy report reading and be comprehensive. The descriptions will be supported by good quality photographs

Each room item will be described in the same format. We will use a FLOOR as an example here:

Item name - Floor
Colour - Beige
Overview of condition - Good minor cosmetic damage - functionality not impaired
Description - to include:

Type - Could be carpet, laminate, linoleum, tiled etc
Finish - Bristle, mosaic, varnished, woven etc
Features - Edging strip brass, wall to wall fitted, inlay pattern etc
Comments - To fully complete the description


A correctly reported observation will include the following. (The report will already have detailed which room you are in and the item being reported on):

Full Description of the observation


“10 inch by 6 inch Iron shaped carpet burn observed”. We use ‘FORENSIC' measuring tools so when damage is photographed the image has scale and reference.

Location of observation so it can easily be identified - This must include exact location.


“On carpet near base of radiator on window wall (Try and use an immovable reference point), lower left hand side at radiator thermostatic valve”.

One of more EVIDENTIAL photographs of the observation are taken including an overview and close up photographs.

Supporting Notes
The client may have requested information on how the damage may have occurred, who is responsible etc


“Burn caused by hot iron left on carpet surface. This damage was not present at Inventory (A common problem and comment raised on Check Out)”.

REPORT SUMMARY Details the “OBSERVATIONS” in item and room order as a way to quickly review the issues affecting the property without having to fully read the report from cover to cover, saving time.

The above DESCRIPTION & OBSERVATION is repeated over and over for every item in the property, thus producing the UK’s most in-depth, comprehensive, impartial, unbiased report, protecting Landlords, Agents and tenants.

This report is delivered the same day we visit the property.

To view an example Inventory Report click on this image:

The Inventory in the this example is combined with an example of a Simultaneous Inventory & Check In Report.

CHECK OUT REPORT - Worlds First ‘Before & After’ Format

What makes our Check Out reports so special is their unique format and layout making reading and comparing the Check Out to the Inventory 80% faster then conventional reports our competitors produce.

Our Check Out Report is displayed in ‘Landscape’. On the left you have the original Inventory report and on the right the Check Out... Why?

This unique feature details that if an item is reported on (text and evidential photographs together) in the Check Out - dirty, damaged, missing etc its original description and photos from the Inventory are displayed on the Inventory side so the reader can quickly make a before and after comparison. Items not reported on in the Check Out are not displayed on the Inventory side, as there is no need to read about items if their condition etc has not changed from the start of the tenancy.

Overview of what a Check Out report is:

The Check Out report will contain the same initial information as an Inventory - Inspection Conditions, Keys, Meters, Cleanliness Overview, Safety and Inspection Areas.

To complete the report we go from room to room item to item and compare what the Inventory report states to what the item current condition is.

If there is a change in condition of an item both positive and negative, it is detailed as an OBSERVATION, as described in the Inventory section above. A positive could be walls repainted (with Landlord permission in writing), a higher level of cleaning presented, light bulbs that where missing on now replaced.

If though items are missing or none Landlord items are left in the property by tenants this is again noted as an OBSERVATION.

The OBSERVATIONS and the supporting EVIDENTIAL photographs and notes in the report can be used by the Landlord to make a claim against the tenants deposit if required.

If you have had a poor quality “Inventory & Check In” or none at all; or one that was not impartial - Landlord or Agent completed it. These facts will seriously undermine the strength of the Check Out report and damage or even dismiss any chance the Landlord has of making a claim against the tenants deposit.

As of writing this one of our client Agents who had used our “Simultaneous Inventory & Check In” and “Check Out” report service, successfully negotiated £7,000 + compensation fee for a Landlord from tenants who had caused substantial damages to his property, (January 2015). The case never even made it the Dispute Resolution as our reports made it and “Open & Shut” case, providing the EVIDENCE required to prove the Landlords claim.

This report is delivered the same day we visit the property.

To view an example Check Out Report click on this image:

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